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Meet Dr. Dixon

Meet Morton Sacks, MD

As a specialist in medical cannabis evaluations for fourteen years, Dr. Sacks has enjoyed being able to provide personalized and comprehensive evaluations and instructions to his patients for the effective utilization of medical cannabis in treating a wide range of ailments.  A Santa Barbara native for nearly 30 years, Dr. Sacks enjoys the opportunity to make personal connections with his patients at his Santa Barbara office, and to formulate a personalized cannabinoid treatment that best suits their needs.


Additionally, he is a proponent for and certified in healthy anti-aging practices to assist in improving quality of life in aging populations.

Education & Medical Career


confidentiality is key.

Receiving a recommendation from Morton Sacks, MD is completely confidential.

With Morton Sacks, MD, patient-doctor confidentiality is absolute, and your information as a patient is never released without your written consent.

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from University of California Los Angeles

  • Medical School - University of Southern California

  • Residency - Kaiser Hospital of Los Angeles

  • US Army Medical Corps - 2 years

  • Practiced OB GYN medicine for 33 years

  • Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine

  • Member of leading organizations dedicated to clinical cannabinoid medicine (Society for Cannabis Clinicians, and American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine)


Common questions

Is your service legal?

Yes - Morton Sacks, MD's services are perfectly legal. Dr. Morton Sacks is a California licensed physician, whose doctor's license can be verified at the CA Medical Board website.

Who qualifies for a medical cannabis recommendation?

Anyone over the age of 18 who possesses a form of government-issued photo identification (ex: driver's license, passport), can prove residency in the state of California, and believes that medical cannabis will help to alleviate their symptoms or medical conditions, is eligible for an evaluation with Dr. Sacks. Proposition 215 states that you may be eligible for medical cannabis "if you suffer from AIDS, anorexia, arthritis, cachexia, cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, migraine, spasticity, seizures or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief."*

To qualify for a grower's limit exemption, patients must be at least 21 years old.

*Other illnesses and conditions include, but are not limited to: pain, headache, back/neck pain, PMS, injuries, neuropathy, IBS, Fibromyalgia, difficulty sleeping, nausea, lack of appetite, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and asthma.

What do I need for an appointment?

Appointments for both new and returning patients may be conducted virtually via our telemedicine app, Zoom or FaceTime. Returning patients have the additional option of renewing by phone. For those patients who prefer to be seen in person, Dr. Sacks is available to meet in the Santa Barbara area. 


For your appointment with Dr. Sacks, you will need a government-issued photo ID (ex: driver's license, passport). 

Do you accept appointments?

Dr. Sacks does accept appointments. Feel free to call our office at (805) 898-2288 to make an appointment, or book an appointment online.

Will I need to renew my recommendation?

Morton Sacks, MD's letter of recommendation for medical cannabis use is valid for one (1) year from the date of issue. At the end of the one year period, you will need to have a follow up visit with Dr. Sacks via phone, our telemedicine app, Zoom or FaceTime to evaluate whether medical cannabis is proving effective at treating your condition and to determine if any changes to your treatment need to be made.

What if I was a Santa Barbara-based patient of Dr. Sazani?

If you have been a long-time patient of Sazani Clinic, rest assured - Dr. Sacks worked with Dr. Sazani for many years, and has treated many of the patients who came through Sazani Clinic during that time. Though associates, Dr. Sacks has inherited the Santa Barbara practice. Returning patients can expect no interruptions in their care, and a continuing commitment by Dr. Sacks to ensure quality, compassionate medical cannabis evaluations.

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